A place to create

A couple of years ago, before having a baby and moving house, I had a specific place where I would write. It was a lovely desk in my own little office, with a bookcase that contained my favourite novels as well as my many, many notebooks. And it was a lovely place to write. Weirdly, I also used to write a lot in the car – I would arrive for work around 30-40 minutes early, and actually found it quite nice to sit by myself, no distractions, quiet, just me and a notebook in the early morning.
Now, though, I don’t have a dedicated place for writing any more, or a regular time of day to do it either. Is this as much to blame for my lack of writing as the fact that I’ve got less free time now than I used to? I certainly never arrive early for work. But I do believe that having the right environment – whatever is right for you in particular – is very important to the creative process. Maybe my first task for 2017 needs to be to set up a dedicated writing spot.


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