What if?

The end of 2016 marked the end of another year in which I failed to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I must admit I’m more of a reader than a writer these days, plus I’ve always found the concept of writing a novel in a month quite scary, even though I previously worked on a schedule of writing for a certain number of hours each week. NaNoWriMo is exactly that – committing to writing a certain number of words every day until the book is finished.

The fear I have of doing this is one that will be familiar to most writers – what if I can’t think of anything to write? What if I don’t know where they story goes next? What if I do manage to write enough words, but they’re all rubbish? Writers can be perfectionists, and the fear of so called writers block can psychologically take over.

But the purpose of this novel writing exercise is to encourage you to put those things aside. The story will take whatever direction it takes. And having something written is better than having a blank page, no matter how good or bad you think it is. Bad writing can be edited, and improved upon. No writing is… no writing at all.


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