Embracing audio

Audio books obviously aren’t a new thing, but they’re new to me. After getting a new job, which meant more driving, I realised I had become pretty sick of the radio, and in a light bulb moment I realised I could actually be listening to books instead.

I had previously dismissed audio books – I like reading, so why would I want to listen to a book when I could be reading one? However driving a car is the one situation where reading a book is impossible (unless you like living very dangerously). It literally is dead time. So being able to fill that dead time with a book is perfect. Also, that’s pretty much my philosophy in life in general, so happy days.

I spent a while choosing my first audio book. I wanted one with a good narrator, by an author I already knew I liked, and a title that ideally was already on my TBR, though that wasn’t essential. In the end I think I went a bit overboard and chose The Stand Uncut Edition by Stephen King, which was on my TBR but turned out to be a whopping 47 hours long. However, although it was quite a meaty choice to start off with, it worked out quite well, as I really wanted to read The Stand but kept putting it off because it was over 1200 pages. I could read 3 or more regular length books in the time it would take me to read that, but happily, I have been able to do both.

It took ten weeks of listening (mainly on weekdays only) to get through The Stand. I kind of feel like I’ve lost a few friends now it’s over. I spent almost every day in the company of Stu, Fran, Larry, Nick, and my favourite two characters Tom Cullen and Kojack the dog. But now their long and epic story is over, and as with all books, it’s time to move on.

So where next? The answer to that came from a desire to re-read Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy before the follow up story, known currently as The Book of Dust, is released in October. So, instead of re-reading, I am re-listening. These three books combined don’t really come close to the length of The Stand, so I’ll probably get through them pretty quickly in comparison. And where to after that? I haven’t decided yet.


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