The right book for the right person

I’ve just finished the second book of two in a series and gave it an immediate 5 stars, as I did for the first in the series, which I read last year. That is incredibly rare for me – most books that I rate 5 stars start out as 4’s, and then, over time, after reflection, I up them to 5. It can take time, sometimes, to realise how special a book is. But sometimes a story can just grab you instantly, and you don’t need to wait to give it a top rating.

But with the series in question, I’m not sure if I’d recommend it to anyone, despite my high rating. Not unless I knew they already liked this particular genre and style of book, which is quite niche. Because some books are meant for certain people – they don’t always have universal appeal. Much as I would love it if every reader I knew would read these books and think they are as brilliant as I did, I know realistically that that won’t happen.

However, the right person may well come along one day, who is searching for a series just like this. And I’ll know then exactly what to recommend to them. The right books find the right people. And if anyone is intrigued by the series I’m talking about (both books pictured here), they are inspired by Japanese culture, and feature magic, love, battle and intrigue….


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