I have considered myself a writer since I was a young teenager, and I completed my first novel while at University. Like many others I struggled to find a publisher for my work, and back in the early 2000’s the world of writing and publishing was very different to how it is now. I printed out endless sample chapters and covering letters, bought endless envelopes and stamps, and treated my Writers and Artists Yearbook like a bible. After a large number of rejections from both agents and publishers, in 2006 My novel Beneath the Surface was finally published.

So what about this blog? Writing blog posts is certainly not the same as writing a novel. The experience of becoming a published author with no experience or backing was just as difficult as the journey to find a publisher. I have learned a hell of a lot since then, and with the huge changes that have taken place in the world of publishing in the last decade, it is up to me again to make sure my work stays relevant. But it has been a challenge, and for a while I didn’t write very much at all. So I started this blog, to talk about my writing but also about writing techniques, developments in publishing, and good books, in the hope that it would inspire me to keep writing and encourage others to do so too. Being a writer is a strange thing, and often quite solitary, but there are many ways now to engage with writers communities for inspiration and encouragement, for those times when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. I have found help from such places, and so I started a blog of my own. Its amazing how encouraged I have felt just writing about my own writing.

For anyone interested in more short snippets of everyday life from an avid reader/writer/book purchaser/notebook hoarder, I also have a Facebook page.

A Writers Notebook – notes on writing, reading, inspiration and motivation.